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Israeli Polygraph Academy


The International Polygraph Academy operates all over the world, cooperating with civilian and governmental organizations where it offers its training courses and establishes polygraph laboratories and knowledge transfer to enable government to develop their own polygraph and investigatory capabilities.

The International Polygraph Academy has trained polygraph examiners in South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, and established polygraph laboratories and provides ongoing consulting to various governmental agencies and organizations. 

International Polygraph Academy was established at 2003 by Mr. Kain Natan, former senior intelligence officer and Mr. Ronen Boehm, former senior of the Military Police's investigative and the Israel Police.  board members of Israeli Polygraph Association between 2018 and 2022, and currently a members of the European Polygraph Association. האקדמיה הישראלית לפוליגרף  

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